Privacy Policy

This statement outlines Manga Books policies regarding your privacy. Our online store respects your right to privacy under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and is required to comply with the national privacy principles in respect of the collection of personal information from individuals. Our Privacy Policy contains the following important information regarding your use of our Online Store:

Collection of your personal information

The types of personal information that we collect will depend on how you use our Online Store. Whilst you browse our site we collect information about the pages that are being requested, the time and date of the request, and the browser type that made the request. This information is used to improve the ease of use of our Online Store and is in no way linked back to individual users. When you use the search facility of our Online Store we collect information about what you were searching for. We use this information to evaluate ourselves in order to determine if we are providing the products that you may want. This information is used solely for evaluating our product groupings and categories and is in no way linked back to an individual. When joining the website we request information such as your name, address, contact phone numbers, and your email address. Some of this information is essential to the service provided by joining the website and as such is mandatory, the other information is optional and as such need not be provided if you wish not to. This information is stored so that you are not required to enter it each time you make a purchase and may be viewed or updated at your convenience. This information cannot be viewed or modified by unauthorised parties. When making a purchase from our Online Store we also collect credit card information and delivery details. This information is used to charge you for the products you purchase and to deliver these products to you.

Our website does not use cookies to collect your personal information. Cookies are only used to complete orders on our site. A 'cookie' is a small file which contains a piece of text identifying your browser to our site. It is quite common for online shopping sites to send such a 'cookie', and its purpose is to tell us that a previous visitor to has returned.

This privacy policy applies solely to information collected on our website and may differ from the policies from other sites that you may link to from this site. We recommend that you read the privacy policy of any site that you link to from this site.

You can unsubscribe from future marketing newsletters by entering your email address on our Unsubscribe page, accessing the newsletters menu in the My Account section of the site or by clicking the unsubscribe link provided in our emails. If you are having trouble using this page please contact us.

The information we collect from you is collected in the strictest confidence for the exclusive use of Manga Books We will not sell or share personal information with any third parties.

The information provided for membership to Manga Books is protected via a password you provide and cannot be accessed without this password. This password can be changed whenever you wish by accessing the "Account Details" menu of the "My Account" section of our site.

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