Kei Yonagi must delve deep into her psyche to succeed in the cutthroat world of acting, but can she keep her sanity while doing so? Is there a method to Kei Yonagi's madness when it comes to acting? The young actor has a family of siblings to feed, but she finds herself struggling with her psychological demons when playing a role. Her desperate acting catches the eye of a famous director, Sumiji Kuroyama, who's looking for raw talent to mold. Can he help Yonagi navigate the cutthroat world of acting without losing her sanity? In order to meet the famous actor Chiyoko Momoshiro, Kei Yonagi tries out for the Death Island movie. For her audition, Yonagi must improvise being stranded on an island while struggling against other desperate survivors. As the pressure mounts, Yonagi utters a line that startles everyone and could very well hurt her chances of landing the role!

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