Tenjo Tenge

By popular demand, an all-new publication of a fan favorite-now 100% faithful to the original-in a value-saving 2-in-1 format with premium color content. Knuckle-busting brawls, badass babes, and the toughest student body ever to mix it up under one roof. Welcome to Todo High, where the only rule is: get strong or get schooled. The ancient struggle of the gods comes to an epic conclusion as Susano-o is reborn and the sun goddess Amaterasu awakens within Maya. What does Mitsuomi stand to gain by facing down Susano-o? How will Masataka endure his greatest challenge? As Soichiro absorbs tremendous amounts of ki, what role will he play in this last great fight? And can Maya withstand the agony of her transformation and see her friends through to the end of the battle? All fates will be revealed in this final volume of Tenjo Tenge!

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